[95 Thesis] Why are churches the problem?

1. They’re not sanctioned by Jesus. [are erroneous, not based on the teachings of Jesus.]

2. They divide communities.

3. They compete against one another. [They pit one Believer against another.]

4. They siphon money and talent from communities.

5. They replicate communities services.

6. They prevent people from engaging their communities directly. [a sort of “proxy” service]

7. They offer a false sense of eternal security. [spiritual security]

8. They encourage apathy.

9 They place one Believer or groups of Believers over others.

10. They act contrary to the Christian mandate. [how Jesus sent apostles/seventy out; serve without money]

11. They don’t teach people to rely upon themselves.

12. They prevent people from relying on, and building a direct relationship with God.

13. Unholy Alliance between clergy, committees, and laity.

14. Provides fertile “preying” ground for sexual abuse (women and children). [Exposes the weak and innocent; confessional, etc. ]

15. People evaluate “God” based on the example of churches. If “church” fails, people toss out “the baby with the bath water.”


– denominations
– churches
– property holdings: land, structures
– sq.ft.
– money property taxes
– postage
– sales taxes
– Talent
– schools
– sports teams
– food banks
– homeless shelters
– colleges, universities
– lobbyists
-tv stations
– stroking egos
– false promises
– taking advantage poor, desperate, elderly

[Christian Marketing Complex]


Divorce rates
Church attendance
#leaving the ministry
#entering the ministry
#loosing faith [college students, etc. ]