Code of Ethics

It’s a Cardinal point that a free society, such as a republic, will not endure unless its citizens are self-motivated to “do the right thing” by following a moral code above that required by the law, such as: a Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, or a similar guiding statement.

Doctors, businesses, sports teams, etc. conduct themselves by “Codes of Ethics,” however, churches, for some reason, do not, be it as a whole (all Christians) feel a need to do the same.

Perhaps, there’s a presumption that the line of “work” they are in IS ethical by its very nature and no formal statement need be stated as it’s fully given in the Bible. The Bible, however, whether Old or New Testament, contains many moral statements, too many to be of any practical use.

Ministers, teachers, and parents are meant to instruct others in its practical application, which could take a life-time, and still, not everyone will agree. Nevertheless, they, like other groups, should make a simplified statement of conduct for how they conduct themselves in their endeavors to teach others how to conduct themselves!